At the beginning of this semester, I pretty openly started this course with #noidea (as explained in post numero uno). As the course progressed, so too did my knowledge and understanding (slowly, oh so slowly – but surely), and I progressed to possessing #someidea. So, as the last official blog post of my EDC3100 course, I thought i’d better finish with #anidea. (Common linking theme throughout blog posts? Winning.)

As I look towards the final day – come at me June 26th – of the semester from hell third year, semester one, and prepare to say adios amigo to University for 3 weeks, I must grudgingly admit that I have actually enjoyed my learning during this semester from hell. Doesn’t mean that I won’t be celebrating like Napoleon Dynamite come 10.30am on June 26th when my final exam is over though.


Before I get to the celebratory phase though, I still have to survive through three assignment submissions in the next 7 days, and a final exam. This knowledge has me a little like –



Thankfully, EDC3100 has taught me a few things over the past few months, so now I have #anidea – not only about integrating ICTs into pedagogical processes, but about student life in general

1. I will get there 
Thanks for giving me some of the most challenging, out there assignments yet EDC3100 – I will get there, and everything will be wonderful when I do.

2. To get there, you must work
Duh. But seriously, thanks for reinforcing that with hard work, comes great results. Personally, I needed that little push again.

3. Things don’t always go as planned, but that’s not always a bad thing
Take assignment 1. Epic fail in uploading my assignment the day/night it was due = massive restructuring of my entire assessment item in the final hour of submission. Didn’t freak out, didn’t break down, didn’t quit – instead put on my problem solving hat and got what needed to be done, done. And it actually worked out okay for me in the end!

4. Technologically advanced ICTs does NOT = amazing learning experiences
Sure, they can help push things along, but they’re not the be-all-and-end-all of teaching life. Technology is only as good as the learning experience underpinning its use.

5. Think outside of the box
Ways of integrating technology into learning experiences doesn’t just fall out of the sky. It doesn’t just magically happen. Sometimes things are out of your control (ie. curriculum, context, resources), and you have to become creative with how you can enhance learning with whatever components you can control. Back to the point above – technology is only as good as the learning experience underpinning its use, AND the person integrating it. 

6. Continue to grow
Keep looking forward, keep learning, keep aspiring to do better, be better, teach better. Keep an open mind to education, and an open mind to ICTs in education. Stay optimistic. Stay enthusiastic. Stay hopeful. Maintain a growth mindset. Don’t turn into one of those teachers that you look at now and think “I will never become like that”. 

For now, this is the actual adios amigos moment. Thanks to anyone who took time out of their day to keep up with my journey through EDC3100. It sure has been a ride. This will most probably be my last post on this blog (unless I didn’t do my maths correctly and I need another post to get my 5/5 for my learning journal mark!), but who knows – it may not! Right now, however, I guess this blog goes from ‘active’ to ‘archive’, and will just be another footprint in my own digital path.

Catch ya EDC3100!





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