Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Prac #4 is officially finished. 

Okay, so today marks the final day of professional experience for EDC3100 students who received their placements on time. For most, today will most probably be bitter sweet – a combination of emotions – yo-yoing between the melancholy of leaving the staff and students you have spent the last 15 days with, the joy of life returning to a sense of normality and feeling of “thank god I don’t have to wake up at stupid-o’clock next Monday morning”, and stress of the impending doom that is the teacher-humor-quotes-meme1mountain load of assessment that is due in the next 10 days.

Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be such an exhausted, emotional basket case that all you will want to do is go into hibernation for a week or two.

Don’t get me wrong, my Prac was AWESOME. I had an absolutely amazing experience, filled with some of the best staff members i’ve had the privilege to work with thus far, and a wonderful group of kids across grades 7 to 12. Challenging kids. But wonderful kids too.

Teaching though, is hard. It’s exhausting. It’s emotionally and mentally draining. Seriously, how many of you guys came home on your first week of Prac and just crashed on the couch as soon as you walked through the door, because you were so completely exhausted. Yup.

But despite how exhausting teaching can be, despite the amount of frustrating, bang-your-head-agains11109499_10207211150936114_2617429021237269288_nt-the-wall moments that you have, it also provides some of the most wonderful, rewarding, awesome experiences ever.

So, congrats for getting through another Prac, and good luck switching your brain to assessment mode. And if Prac has left you feeling a little more melancholy than amazing, check out the following video to remember that everything is a learning experience, and everything will be okay in the end.


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