Balancing Act.

The following video has been popping up on my Upworthy feed for a while (if you don’t know what unworthy is, make sure you check it out – it’s awesome). Basically, the video is about a kindergarten in Japan, check it out below:

The beauty about this kindergarten is that it lets kids be… kids. It doesn’t confine them, it doesn’t restrict their movements, it lets them run, and jump, and climb, and dance, and sing, and lets them experience an element of danger so that they learn their boundaries. and they learn how to help each other, to look out for one another. It doesn’t confine them to one classroom, it lets them learn what they want to learn, how they want to learn. And that’s the one thing there’s no doubt about – they are most definitely learning.

So, make sure you take a look at the video, and have a little think about the important of balancing your classrooms. Yes, ICTs are important. Yes ICTs provide some exceptional educational and pedagogical tools. But kinaesthetic, hands on, real life experiences cannot be discounted or replaced by technology. Balance is key.



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