Prac Checklist

T-minus 11 days until Prac starts.

Cue freakout now.


So, inspired by both Jaime’s blog post, and coursework activities, I have created a checklist in order to prepare for our upcoming prac.

1. Wait
…and wait and wait and remember to be patient and understanding of the Prac office, realising that they’ve got a whole lotta students to place across a whole lotta year levels and courses. 

2. Stalk SONIA
No, not a person. Religiously check in with SONIA (our prac placement software) until placements are released.

3. Stalk the School
Put on that detective hat and find out all I can about the school I’ve been placed at. Write up my best professional-sounding email and send it to them, and drop in to introduce myself. Note to self: amp up the charm, confidence and professionalism.

4. Shopping spree!
Hit the shops and make sure I have binders, paper, plastic sheet things, and pens. 
Go back to the shops are buy more pens.
Go back to the shops and buy even more pens.

5. Pack
My whistle – because for some reason, I always forget my whistle. Slack HPE teacher right here!

6. Remember that…

stress dessert



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