Making Connections


Despite living in an age of technological revolution, we seem to be lacking on the front of connectivity. Currently, I am competing at a National sporting competition and have super limited access to internet. I mean, yes, I could go out and spend an arm and a leg buying a portable wi-fi device, but I’m a poor uni student – I know you feel me. Because of this, I have escaped between games and am holed up in the Library at the Ipswich USQ Campus (thankfully my nationals was in Ipswich!!), frantically trying to submit an assignment, complete an online quiz, write a blog, and do as much coursework as possible.

Now, what I find interesting is that if I lived in, say, Finland, Hong Kong, Paris or New York, I wouldn’t need to do this. I could sit at the fields where my nationals competition is being held and connect to free, password-free, wireless internet.

Now, there is a point about education coming.

Not every household has the internet, and not every child has access to the internet. Particularly when teaching in rural and regional areas, acknowledgement must be made of the fact that not every student in your class will have the resources to go home and use a computer and the internet to complete a task. In such areas, the number of students who travel to and from school on buses is also enormous, so even staying after school or going to the local library isn’t a feasible solution – not when you have to travel upwards of 40km to reach home. So, for these students, how do we as educators give them the same opportunities and the same access to ICTs? How do WE adjust so that no child is disadvantaged simply because of where they live?




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